Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The infamous SP2010 User Profile Service

One of our contractor consultants is responsible with part-time administration tasks, and he assisted to a degree with the setup of our SP2010 environment. He struggled for some time with the configuration of the import of user profiles (we have five domains to pull profiles from currently), but last week he successfully got it configured and got profiles imported.

Thing is though, I was trying to look at some information about the profile import and anytime I'd open the Connections page, I would get the well-traveled "The query returns nothing" error.

After poring over his configuration for some time, I finally got tired of fussing with it and just nuked everything he did. Using the de facto guide published by Spencer Harbar (and some incremental fixing of Event Viewer log errors in trying to fix the original morass), I was able to successfully configure the User Profile Service Application in under 3 hours (had to add a NIC to the server in order to set up an SSL instance of MySites to save for later).

If you want something done right...

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