Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Coming soon - Content Type Hubs and Managed Metadata - a post without problems!

I'm making some significant strides in learning about, setting up, and architecting the Managed Metadata Service and Content Type Hubs for my organization. Nothing especially problematic occurring, but it's just such useful stuff that I have to talk about it after it's done. There's an excellent article by Marcel Medina on the administration side of setting this up to work end-to-end.

I've already been trying to get MMS integrated slowly, and now I'm working on a Content Type Hub, but discovering that I've got collision issues trying to create site columns with different data based on context. I started thinking about maybe using multiple Content Type Hubs with multiple MMS services, but wasn't sure how that would affect my term store. Now, I see that I can do exactly what I need with this arrangement (and not an excess of overhead), so I'll be creating a number of departmental MMS service applications and Content Type Hubs for each one. There's a good example scenario in this TechNet article which shows how this might be used.

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