Friday, December 7, 2012

Odd issue with security trimming and global navigation

Just figured this one out.

So, right now, we use the SharePoint-managed nodemap in our layout, which is managed via /_layouts/AreaNavigationSettings.aspx and does automatic security trimming.

Recently, I'd noticed peculiar behavior in a couple of places. We would give a deep link to some resource to an external party, and when verifying the security on the new accounts we'd created for those individuals, most of the nodes in the tree would disappear...but not everything. The ones that remained were still not accessible to the user - clicking one would give Access Denied, but still, security trimming should remove these anyway, right?

The tricky bit is partially my fault.

Whenever I create a hyperlink target in SharePoint, I always strive to remove any unnecessary cruft from URLs. I strip off the hostname and the URI specifier, and if the target is a library or list, I remove the view name and just allow SharePoint to fall down to the default view, unless the target is supposed to be a particular list. So, when I have a link target of, I will usually replace that with /division/office/Lists/Contacts. Similarly, in a navigational node (where all the targets are generally subsites), I'd replace with /division/office.


Sometimes, I would inadvertently use /division/office/. That trailing slash would cause the security trimming to fail, but of course, the security is re-checked on pageload (thankfully!), so while I was violating security by accidentally exposing resources, I wasn't actually granting access to those resources. And in my current job, that's not a big big deal, but we're about to grant site access to a few companies who collaborate with us in some markets and compete in others...and one of the visible links was the name of a moderately high-profile project!

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