Monday, February 27, 2012

From the other side of the fence

Well, should've had our SP2010 upgrade done by now, but some delays with our setup of the User Profile Service caused us to miss our deadline for determining go-live, so we pushed it back by a couple of weeks. In the mean time, it turns out that this decision was for the best, because it turns out that our branding effort being made by the consultant team didn't cover all the SharePoint pages we'd be using (such as the special layout used for the Thumbnail view in an Asset Library).

Regarding the User Profile Service, we were having one of the consultants work on that, but he left a huge mess of extra application pools in his wake, and now the service isn't even running because of a permissions problem, so I've got to sort that out.

In the mean time, I've learned a ton about setup recommendations and application pool sharing from Todd Klindt's blogposts here and here. My setup isn't completely out of whack, but it's nice to know the reasoning behind these decisions that I'm reading other people recommend. I had to consolidate a couple of service pools on our app server, but I won't be consolidating the web apps since they're all SSL-only and thus answering on separate IPs.

After that, I just need to work around an Edit Control Block (ECB) issue in this one document library (which will be moved to an Asset Library after our migration), and then I think we've pretty much got this one in the bag. I've spent a good amount of time in the last week doing performance tuning and fixing issues on the servers, so I'm looking forward to abnormally good performance in our new environment.

Now if only IPFS would be cooperative...(but that is for a future post, guess I'll start that one right now!)

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